100% Natural Latex mattress made in the UK

100% Natural Latex mattress made in the UK

Are you looking for a 100% Natural Latex Mattress made in the UK?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all manufacturers were completely transparent about their products! A customer who is looking for a latex mattress is almost immediately befuddled with all the different descriptions that the internet has to offer.

So let’s start with a brief description of what you’re likely to find on the market. Latex mattresses made in the UK will usually contain one of these

  1. Pure Latex. A pure latex mattress is made from a blend of 20% latex and 80% synthetic. But that can’t be right I hear you cry! But yes, that is correct.
  2. Natural Latex. It must be OK if it’s natural surely? Sadly, no. Natural latex can be made up of just about any percentage of ‘real’ latex, and the synthetic stuff. Some retailers will come clean about that, others may not even know.
  3. Graphite latex. This is a mix of graphite and latex. It’s easily spotted because the graphite turns the latex a grey colour. The mix is roughly 70% synthetic to 30% latex.
  4. 100% natural latex. This is the real thing!

The best natural latex mattress

The latex that we use here at Abaca is 100% natural latex which has also been certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard as an organic product. In certification terms, organic means ‘a product of agriculture’ and this latex will have been scrutinised by the certifier for any harmful chemical input either in the plantation (by spraying for example) or by the processor.  

Using 100%  natural organic latex allows us to make the high-quality, long lasting mattresses that we are so proud of. Please do your research before committing yourself to buying a latex mattress. There is a big price difference between companies and it's not always obvious that this is because of the quality of the latex. If you need any more information do please give us a call.