Organic baby & children's bedding protectors

At Abaca we specialise in organic products including organic children’s bedding protectors. With many sizes available from moses/crib, standard cot, cot bed up to single adult bed. Click on any of the organic children’s bedding and protectors below to browse our selection of sizes. We’re proud to offer a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

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About our organic baby & children's bedding protectors

  • Environmentally friendly

    Environmentally friendly

    Our organic children’s bedding protectors, along with the rest of our product range are designed with the environment in mind! Cotton is a more environmentally-friendly fabric than polyester because it requires less water and energy to produce. Cotton also breaks down faster when you throw it away.

  • It's all organic

    It's all organic

    Cotton is a natural fibre that has been used for many years. Cotton is soft, breathable and easy to clean. The natural hypoallergenic properties of cotton are a huge plus and perfect for children who have sensitive skin or allergies! Our organic children’s bedding and protectors contribute to keeping the temperature down at night because the material breathes better than other materials like polyester.

  • Waterproof


    We want your children to sleep on a clean and comfortable surface. Our Organic children’s bedding and protectors are the perfect choices for a good night’s sleep. Our Organic children’s bedding and protectors are made from two layers of soft absorbent cotton. They have a very thin polyurethane layer sandwiched inside to avoid irritating your little one's sensitive skin. This waterproof polyurethane layer adds protection from fluids reaching the mattress.

  • Review your child's sleeping environment

    Review your child's sleeping environment

    We are proud of our organic and natural bedding for children and we expect these products will make a positive impact on your child’s sleeping environment. It is always good practice to review the sleeping environment for your children. Like people always say, children grow up fast and sometimes we react quickly to their growth and forget the small details. There are other factors to consider when you stop for a moment and review your child’s sleeping environment.

    A mattress can also have an impact on heat regulation, as many people find that memory foam mattresses retain more heat than traditional-style mattresses. Why not have a look at our Snowden Junior Mattress? For children aged 3-15 (and beyond), this organic mattress is upholstered with wool and cotton, making it breathable and comfortable.

Organic childrens's & baby bedding protector FAQs

What sizes are available for your organic children’s bedding and protectors?

Our organic children’s bedding protectors are available in moses/crib, standard cot, cot bed and single adult bed sizes.

Do you have a size guide for your children’s bedding protectors?

Our sizes for organic children’s bedding protectors are: moses/crib = 0cm x 70cm, standard cot = 60cm x 120cm, cot bed =7 0cm x 140cm and single adult bed sizes = 90cm x 190cm.

Do you sell other organic products?

As well as organic children’s bedding protectors, we also sell pillows, duvets, bed linen, mattresses, beds and headboards. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions with regards to our organic children’s bedding and protectors, or any other product on our website.