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Organic Bed Linen

Abaca organic bed linen is made with a 300-thread count luxury percale cotton. This is in a soft natural creamy colour and will look great in any bedroom. Made in Italy this organic bed linen is crafted in an old-fashioned way with French seams to add that extra touch of quality.

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Organic Cotton

We only use the best available organic cotton to be able to offer chemical-free bed linen. The genuinely green credentials of this range mean that you are buying a luxurious product which has been produced sustainably. The small workshop where it’s produced specialises in fair, fine craftsmanship.

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Organic bed linen reviews

  • The quality is lovely and it washes really well and so nice to know there is no chemicals. I would definately like to buy more of the cotton bedding now.

    Alison R - Organic Pillowcases
  • From the minute I lay down on the lovely hand made wool mattress/ no metal I have slept without tossing and turning, right through to morning. Feel just taking the plunge to spend the money has taken years off me.

    Barb L - Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet
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Organic Bed Linen sheets

Organic Bed Linen

Abaca organic bed linen is crafted from the finest 300-thread count luxurious percale cotton. This soft fabric is available in a natural creamy colour, and it will look great in any bedroom.

Abaca's organic bed linen is made in Italy using traditional French seams for a touch of added quality. At Abaca Organic, we believe that quality, natural bedding is always the best way to achieve a restful night's sleep. That's why we offer only the softest cotton sheets and duvet covers in cream for a neutral look to suit any decor.

Organic Bed Linen perscale

What is 'Percale'?

Percale is a type of cotton fabric that has a very fine weave and is characterized by its smooth, flat surface and soft hand, which means it is often used in organic bed sheets and organic pillowcases. The word percale comes from the French word "percales," which means "fibres." Percale sheets tend to be more breathable than those made from flannel or cotton blends because there are no loose threads between individual fibres that could trap heat and moisture inside the fabric itself. Percale is considered to be one of the highest quality types of cotton fabric. Its smooth texture makes it easy to keep clean and wrinkle-free.

Percale has a thread count of about 200 or higher and is noticeably tighter than the standard type of weave used for bedsheets. Abaca's organic bed linen is made with a 300-thread count luxury percale cotton, providing you with an exquisite sleeping experience every night.

Organic Bed Linen chemical free

Organic bed linen for a better night's sleep

If you have allergies or chemical sensitivity, it's important to find organic bed linens that will be both comfortable and safe for your health. Abaca Organic was founded with a mission to bring you the best possible organic and natural products, with our new line of allergy-friendly organic bed linens, we can fulfil that promise even more fully than ever before!

Our products are not only great for people with allergies and chemical sensitivities; they're also perfect for anyone who wants a truly luxurious night's sleep without sacrificing their health or the environment. Natural fibres are better for the environment as cotton requires less water and energy than other fibres (like polyester) to produce. Plus, it's biodegradable!

Organic bed linen FAQs

What sizes are available for percale organic cotton fitted sheets?

Single, Double, King and Super King

What sizes are available for percale organic cotton duvet covers?

Single, Double, King and Super King

What sizes are available for percale organic cotton flat sheets?

Single, Double and King/Super King

Do you have a size guide for your organic bed linen products?

On our web pages, we have a size guide for each product. When you click on organic bed linen products above and scroll down, you will see a size guide just below the description of the product.

Is your organic bed linen suitable for allergy sufferers?

The material we use in our organic bed linen helps people who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivity.