Our promise

Buying a new mattress ought to be a pleasurable experience! As MD of Abaca I want you to be a satisfied and contented customer, so I make you the following pledges.

Experienced guidance

When you order from us we will spend as much time as you need discussing your prospective purchase. We have over thirty years experience of manufacturing mattresses that are hand built for individual customers so we know exactly how each of the different materials we use behaves. When we put our experience together with your needs, you end up with exactly what’s best for you!

Always someone at hand

The person that takes your order will have responsibility for it all through the production and delivery process. You will be able to ask for that person by name. If there is any extra information you need after the mattress has been delivered, the same person will deal with any questions you may have.

On-going care for the life of your mattress

We have absolute confidence in our product and will give you great customer care. Some retailers offer ‘free’ 30-day, trials, but we offer you on- going customer care for the whole life of the mattress.