Natural Organic Fibre Mattresses

Natural & Organic Fibre Mattresses from the UK's leading organic mattress company. The most luxurious natural mattresses in the world are made using natural fibres, so it comes as no surprise that Abaca’s high-quality organic fibre mattresses are made using 100% natural and organic fillings. They not only provide the most comfortable sleeping surface, but the materials that we use in these natural fibre mattresses also help to regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

Our Natural & Organic Fibre mattresses can be made to whatever size you wish.  We use the very best wool and horsehair for our innovative mattresses. These natural materials are hand layered in the Italian way, and we give you the choice of two types of organic and wholly natural fibre mattresses. We use copious amounts of wool in every mattress we make, it is the best of the natural materials for sleeping on or under, and all our wool comes from Welsh farms.   

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Natural & Organic Fibre Mattresses are industry leading in comfort and sustainability.

Natural, chemical free and sustainable are all reasons to buy Abaca fibre mattresses. Explore all the benefits in more detail below.....

Natural & Organic Fibre Mattresses

chemical-free mattresses

our natural fibre mattresses are free of harmful chemicals

handmade fibre mattresses

organic fibre mattresses that are perfectly crafted & handmade just for you

Healthy Natural Fibre Mattresses
Handmade Organic Fibre Mattresses

comfortable temperature

Our Natural Fibre Mattresses help regulate your temperature at night

sustainable fibre mattresses

natural fibre mattresses that help you and the world around you

Chemical Free Natural Fibre Mattresses

Natural & Organic Fibre Mattress FAQ

We understand buying a natural fibre mattress online can be confusing. Thats why we have crafted together this helpful FAQ outlining how our organic & natural fibre mattresses are made, what the benefits are and what you can expect.

Abaca has two mattresses that are made purely from animal fibre. The Newgale is made with organic wool, while the Nolton is made using organic wool and horsehair.

Our natural & organic fibre mattresses are made in a traditional way by hand layering the wool, or wool and horsehair, in a slow and painstaking process that ensures the fibre is evenly spread over the whole mattress area.  The two pieces of fabric that make up the cover of the mattress are hand sewn together and then the edges of the mattress are formed by side stitching. The final process is to hand tuft the mattress so that it’s buttoned. This creates ‘bulkheads’ inside the mattress to stop the fibre moving around. 

It takes around six months to train someone to make a fibre mattress. It is a skilled process and one which has largely been lost in the UK. Even after intensive training it still takes one of our highly professional workers up to ten days to complete a Nolton or Newgale.

Some of our older customers have fond memories of sleeping on horsehair mattresses when they were children.  Horsehair is a very resilient and springy fibre that has been used in mattresses for centuries. It is long lasting and both soft and supportive. We add wool to our mattresses because it is one of the most breathable fibres in the world. It ensures that the mattress isn’t hot in the summer and is cosy in the winter. 

Comfort is of course the biggest advantage of an organic fibre mattress. A fibre mattress will support you properly and give you the best night’s sleep you could possibly imagine. Your temperature is naturally regulated leading to deep and peaceful sleep. 

The organic nature of all the materials we use to make mattresses means that you won’t be exposed to any chemicals while you’re in bed. Nothing will outgas and the mattress won’t cause some of the symptoms that people experience from lying on something that’s been treated with a fire retardant. 

The wool and horsehair in our fibre mattresses are all biodegradable as is the cotton cover. A 100,000 mattresses a week end up in landfill in the UK, we are doing our best to ensure that we don’t add to that number! 

Fibre mattresses are renowned for lasting a long time. Abaca is one of the few companies in the UK that is willing to refurbish this type of mattress, and the oldest we have taken in was 70 years old! They are able to be re-made as new, so buying a fibre mattress really can mean that you are buying a mattress for life.