Buying a non toxic mattress in the UK

Buying a non toxic mattress in the UK

Non toxic mattresses

For nearly all of our existence as human beings we have slept on natural materials. I’ve been doing a bit of research and it seems that amongst other things straw, or corn husks, or cotton waste or animal hair could all be used to make a mattress. I even found this reference to beech leaves being used!  

"The leaves of the chestnut tree make very wholesome mattresses to lie on... [Beech leaves]... being gathered about their fall, and somewhat before they are much frost-bitten, afford the best and easiest mattresses in the world to lay under our quilts instead of straw; because, besides their tenderness and loose lying together, they continue sweet for seven or eight years long; before which time straw becomes musty and hard; they are thus used by divers persons of quality in Dauphine; and in Switzerland I have sometimes lain on them to my great refreshment..."

John Evelyn, Sylva: A discourse of forest-trees, 1670

What is a mattress made from?

Before the advent of the chemical industry everything would have been non-toxic and organic by default, but now most people have no idea what’s inside their mattress.  Plastics are used to make polyester while oils of various sorts are turned into foam, and in many cases, glues are used to stick everything together. Since the 1980’s chemical fire retardants are another addition to the man made fillings that are now present in many mattresses.

Organic and Non-Toxic

Making organic non toxic mattresses is what we specialise in. Lots of our customers are people who have moved to the UK and are horrified to find that buying a non toxic mattress is actually quite difficult in the UK. The effect of sleeping on a mattress full of the materials I’ve mentioned on our bodies and our quality of sleep isn’t known, but common sense tells us  that we  spend more time in bed than anywhere else, and exposing ourselves to a mix of chemicals while we’re asleep can’t be a health benefit!

All our mattresses are made with natural organic materials and are completely non toxic. Our range of pocket sprung, organic latex and Italian style natural fibre mattresses use only the very best organic ingredients. More and more people are doing their own research and discovering that the mattresses that they’ve been sleeping on are introducing all sorts of things into their bedroom environment, buying a non toxic mattress does away with all those concerns.