Organic Mattresses

A mattress that is made entirely with organic materials can be certified as organic to the Global Organic Textile Standard. This is a rigorous process which also covers things like workers rights. If someone tells you that their mattress is organic but they don’t have certification for it, it’s not! Organic certification protects animal welfare and people’s livelihoods.

Wool is a natural fire retardant. The upper layers of the mattress are pure organic Welsh wool and Abaca mattresses do not contain any synthetic fibres or chemicals.

Durability and quality that only organic cotton can provide. Non-Organic textiles are compromised and weakened by the chemicals used in growing, processing and dyeing them; all these create an inferior product. You also avoiding lying on, breathing in and absorbing  chemical residues that are left in conventional cotton. Every conventional cotton t shirt has 17 teaspoonfuls of pesticide residue!

Not at all; wool is an excellent temperature regulator. It draws moisture and excess heat away from the body in the summer and is a really snug insulator in the winter. Many studies have proven that wool is the best material to sleep on and under for good quality sleep. How should I look after my organic mattress?

Turn as often as you can. Protect your mattress with a washable protector or blanket. Hoover occasionally and air frequently.

It is the sap from the Hevea tree; totally free from foams and petro-chemicals. A natural alternative to memory foam; its structure allows it to disperse heat, making it cooler and more comfortable to sleep on in the summer. All our latex is certified to the Global Organic Latex Standard.

All metal is derived in some way from an ore that is mined from the earth; it doesn’t get much more natural than that! It’s also the deepest component within the mattress and isn’t coated in any additional chemicals

Mattresses are made in layers, like sandwiches, and there are only two ways of keeping those internal layers in place. The first is with adhesives … glue is sprayed on each layer to attach it to the next. Nearly all mattresses made with flat tops or quilted tops are made in this way.

The second, and more traditional way is to tuft. Tufts are the long tapes that run through a mattress and are held on each side by some sort of buttoning. They do two things; they hold the layers securely together and they act as bulkheads within the mattress which strengthens its construction.

As an organic company we don’t use glues of any type, but we have made mattresses for customers who want a flatter top to their mattress by using a longer tuft than normal and using fewer of them.

There are some foam mattresses that are made just with the piece of foam and a zip on cover, but that’s about the only exception to the rule.


We only work to order, that ensures that every mattress is made specifically for you. Baby mattresses are usually sent out within ten days, for a full size mattress we quote four to six weeks.

The Abaca workshop is based in the rolling hills of Carmarthenshire. We are high up on a hill and our buildings were converted from redundant farm units.

We are a fully organic company, so there is no risk of cross contamination.

All our mattresses are put together by hand by a skilled team. The outer cover of the mattress is made using a sewing machine, but every other bit of the mattress is hand sewn. This makes our quality control second to none.


All of our adult size mattresses are delivered by our own teams. They will take the mattress to your room of choice. If you have ordered a bed they will assemble the bed for you.

We will call  to let you know that your mattress is on our production schedule for the following week and discuss delivery with you at the same time. Nothing is ever delivered without us having a conversation with you.

Yes! We deliver to all parts of the world via our tried and trusted shipping partners. Please contact us for a quote and we will get the best price possible for you. Large orders are shipped in specially made wooden crates that protect the beds and mattresses from damage, while smaller orders will arrive in sturdy cardboard boxes.

Buying Online

Buying online has lots of advantages. You don’t need to travel to a showroom and you can take your time gathering information and making a decision about which type of mattress you want to buy. A phone call to one of our experienced staff will help you make the decision about whether you need a soft, medium or firm.

There is more information about this here.