What's the best mattress for hot weather?

What's the best mattress for hot weather?

During the recent hot weather we’ve had lots of phone calls from people wanting to know which mattress would be best for sleeping on when the temperature is high, so let’s have a look at the different types of mattress available.

Foam or memory foam mattresses

These are the worst option unfortunately. Man made foam heats up and doesn’t either absorb or release dampness so the bed becomes very hot and sticky. If you have a memory foam topper it’s a good idea to put it away during the summer months.

Latex mattresses

Most latex mattresses are made with a mixture of natural latex and man made foam, and again, these can get very hot in the summer. The latex we use at Abaca is 100% organic natural latex and is breathable, and we add layers of wool to ensure that moisture can be absorbed and released. Having said that, a latex mattress is always going to be the warmest of the mattresses we make simply because there is no big air space inside.

Sprung and Pocket Sprung mattresses

Spring coils allow for a lot of air to circulate inside the mattress so these mattresses can be a good option as long as the materials used to cover the springs are natural. Foam and polyester will make you clammy and uncomfortable, as will a cover that has nylon incorporated into it. Natural materials such as cotton, horsehair and coconut fibre are the best option for upholstering a mattress, and a top layer of wool will help regulate your body temperature. When these lovely natural materials are finished with a cotton cover you’ve got a mattress that will help you get some quality sleep whatever the weather! All our Abaca pocket sprung mattresses are made with natural organic fillings and an organic cotton cover.


Fibre mattresses

These mattresses are made using nothing but natural fibre, usually they are made with wool only, or sometimes wool and horsehair and a cotton or linen cover. There is no better mattress for sleeping on in hot weather which is why this type of mattress has been made for centuries on the continent. Though not widely available in the UK Abaca has been making fibre mattresses for the last ten years and they are very popular with our customers.


A word about bedding

Those of us of a certain age well remember the nylon sheets that were so popular back in the 1970’s. They were torture to sleep on! Luckily now there is a huge variety of natural bedding on the market and the best way to stay cool is to use cotton or linen. Duvets are best made with a wool or silk filling, and wool pillows help your head and neck stay cool. It’s worth spending as much as you can on bedding, a high thread count item will give you many years of perfect use. For organic bedding take a look at our bedding page https://www.abacaorganic.co.uk/collections/organic-bedding