Natural Organic Latex Mattresses

Latex is the most naturally durable cushioning material available. It is made from a milky substance that drips from the rubber tree when the bark is slashed. It is an all-natural material containing no man-made foam. Organic latex is a high-quality product which makes comfortable, long lasting luxurious natural mattresses. All our range of natural organic latex mattresses are certified as organic by the Soil Association and give unparalleled support. Layers of organic wool and an organic cotton cover complete these natural mattresses which are the healthy alternative to memory foam. Making a mattress to any size is no problem, but you may want to find the right natural mattress for your age and weight by  taking our simple test. Your mattress can be made as either a soft, medium or firm. A good night’s sleep is what we aim to give you on your new high value, comfortable, supportive mattress that will last many years!

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