Woolly Dream Snowdon

Woolly Dream Snowdon

Do you long for a mattress that’s made with simple, pure fillings? A mattress that has impeccable organic credentials? Well look no further than an Abaca Snowdon mattress!

We make the Snowdon from layer upon layer of organic wool which is carefully hand sewn around a pocket spring. It can be made in a choice of soft, medium or firm and these three options provide the perfect sleeping surface whether you are light, heavy, or just an average weight. Layers of wool of different weights and densities are combined in a unique way to make this wonderfully comfortable mattress. It is hand tufted and has an organic cotton cover, but it’s the massive 2,500 grams of wool per square metre that makes this a very special mattress.

The Snowdon was the very first mattress that Abaca produced all those years ago, and it was the first mattress in the UK to gain Soil Association certification, so we have a really soft spot for it! Since those days research has proven that wool is by far the best choice for sleeping on (and under) to give you a really good night’s sleep. It is also the most popular mattress for our customers who have allergies of various kinds …. it’s easy to get along with because it’s made purely from organic wool and has an unbleached, un-dyed, untreated cotton cover.

We specialise in matching people and mattresses. The long and detailed conversations that we have with people before they commit to buying a mattress from us means that we are custom making a mattress for each individual. We have made the Snowdon in every conceivable shape and size, so whether you want a very small mattress for a child’s bed or a three meter by two meter monster that all the family can sleep in, we’re happy to say that we’re flexible enough to do pretty well anything that our customers want.

Just give us a ring and see!