New Percale Organic bedding range

Is there anyone out there like me? I just love the feel of a really good heavy writing paper, the grain of a beautiful piece of wood, and the joy of getting in to a bed freshly made up with organic cotton sheets; simple pleasures, but ones that add so much to the quality of life. We all work hard, some of us even play hard, but at the end of the day we all have one thing in common, we all climb into bed and give that little sigh that says, ah, this day will soon be over.
The tactile experiences that add so much to our daily lives, like the lovely paper and the glowing piece of furniture, don’t have to stop just because our day is finishing. Bed linen is so important. Slipping into a bed made up with beautifully crisp sheets is the perfect end to the day however stressful life may be, so do take a look at our new range of percale organic cotton bedding.
Whether, like me, you prefer sheets and blankets, or whether you’re a duvet person, this lovely range covers all your needs. And if your bed is a non standard size just give us a ring and we can arrange to have organic bed linen specially made for you. Let 2016 be the year that you allow yourself those all important little extravagances!
Log on our web site to see the new range Percale Organic Cotton Range and you’ll also see the ever popular range called Shabby Chic Shabby Chic Organic Cotton Range

I can’t remember who said that all they wanted from life was to be rich enough to have clean sheets on the bed every day (and not have to change them or wash them!) … wouldn’t it be bliss ….

Percale Organic Bedding 2
Percale Organic Cotton Range
Shabby Chic Organic Cotton Bedding