Showcase Abaca Wool & Horse Hair Mattress

Showcase Abaca Wool & Horse Hair Mattress

Showcase on two of our organic wool and horsehair mattresses being made. Two very different types of mattresses first the Nolton,

Abaca Wool and Horse hair mattress

Nolton mattress.

This type of mattress would have been common all over Europe at one time, but the increased use of manmade materials means in recent years it’s only been the discerning Italians who have retained the traditional skills which are necessary to produce them. Adding horsehair makes a sturdy layer which runs through the centre of the mattress offering a slightly firmer but also slightly bouncier feel. Click here to learn more

Abaca Denbigh organic wool and horsehair mattress

Denbigh mattress. (Please note this mattress no longer available 31/3/2016) 

This type of mattress is based on a 600 count pocket spring, The first layer in this mattress is hessian backed horsehair which is attached to the spring. Tough and resilient, the horsehair adds durability to this mattress while the soft upper layers of wool add warmth, comfort and breathability. Click here to learn more