How do I know if my mattress is worn out?

How do I know if my mattress is worn out?

If you’re waking up with aches and pains or just not sleeping very well, could it be your mattress that’s causing a problem? Here are some tips to help you work out whether you need a new mattress.

Is your mattress still flat?

You can check whether your mattress is still flat by running your hand down it from top to bottom in several different places and then doing the same across the mattress. Can you feel dips in your mattress? Are there lumps and bumps? If there are then the likelihood is that your mattress is worn out.

For a mattress to support you properly it needs to be properly flat and if it isn’t your body experiences stress which means you don’t sleep properly.

Is your mattress still flat? Sagging Mattress.

What are the edges of your mattress like?

If the edge of your mattress has been distorted because of someone spending a lot of time sitting there, then when you’re lying down it can cause you to feel as though you’re about to roll off the mattress.

This is something that often happens when you have a teenager that spends a lot of time in their bedroom or if one of the users of the bed is on the heavier side. There’s nothing that can be done to straighten the edges sadly.  When you buy a new mattress ask for the sides to be specially strengthened and it won’t then become worn out so easily.

How does the cover of your mattress look?

Sometimes the cover of a mattress can get worn out because of friction between the fabric and the bed underneath. This usually takes a long time to happen, and if it has then the likelihood is that you need a new mattress. If a relatively new mattress cover has been ripped it ought to be possible to patch it.

Is there a spring poking through?

If there’s a spring poking through the mattress there really isn’t anything that can be done about it. Springs usually just lose their tension and the mattress becomes softer and lumpier, but sometimes a spring will ‘pop’ and the broken end will stick through the cover. It’s a sure sign that your mattress is worn out!

Spring poking out of mattress

How can I know for sure that my mattress is worn out?

It can sometimes be difficult to know whether your mattress is worn out. Is the problem with the mattress or is it with the body that’s sleeping on it! Generally speaking, a well-made pocket sprung mattress will last somewhere between 10 and 20 years.  However, if you buy a mattress for your five-year-old then the in first five years or so of it being used it’s actually going to get very little wear because of the weight of the child. That mattress should easily last until the child is 18 or 20. But a large adult sleeping on the same mattress will have a much greater impact on it and it won’t last as long.

A single bed mattress will always compact faster than a bigger mattress because all the weight is always on the same areas of the mattress.

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