Five reasons to choose a locally made wool mattress

Five reasons to choose a locally made wool mattress

Choosing the right mattress can be a difficult process. Knowing how a mattress is made and how the materials inside it contribute to the quality of your sleep should be an important part of your decision-making process. Far too many people have no idea what they’re sleeping on despite the fact that at least a third of our lives are spent in bed! So here are five very good reasons why you should buy a locally made wool mattress.

1. Are you too hot in bed?

Wool mattresses are by far the best for regulating your temperature. What does that mean? It means that when you sleep you don’t overheat and get hot and sweaty. Wool has an unique ability to absorb moisture and then release it so your bed never feels damp.

Are you too hot in bed?

2. A hand made in the UK mattress

There is a saying ‘Think global, buy local’ and we think that all of the UK is ‘local’ as far as wool mattresses go! All the wool we use at Abaca is organic and Welsh, so by buying something that’s made by hand using local materials you are contributing to the UK economy. Perhaps more importantly you are supporting farmers whose husbandry ensures the glorious landscapes that we see in our countryside.

A hand made in the UK mattress

3. Traditionally made

Small local businesses have long been places where traditional skills are preserved and practiced. Making a wool mattress has become something of a lost art in the UK and we are proud to be able to train people in this very traditional skill. Learning to make a wool mattress takes up to a year, while each mattress takes anything from five to ten days to make, depending on its size.

 Traditionally made mattress

4. Sustainable wool

Wool is one of the most sustainable fibres in the world. Every year a sheep will grow a fleece that weighs about 3kilos. To keep the sheep healthy and happy this fleece needs to be shorn once a year. At a time when there is huge concern about climate change sustainability has never been more important.

Sustainable wool mattress

5. The best mattress choice

Buying a wool mattress direct from the manufacturer means that you’ll get the very best advice about which type of mattress is best for you. Our skilled staff have years of experience in matching customers and mattresses, as well as a detailed knowledge of every component that makes up a mattress. Wool mattresses are a joy to sleep on and a very worthwhile investment. 

Five reasons to choose a locally made wool mattress

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