Organic wool off cuts

Organic wool off cuts

We’ve been having a bit of a clear out and if you’re one of those people that enjoy making things we have some very useful pieces of organic wool that you might be interested in. This wool is needled to 1000 grams per square metre, is approximately a centimetre thick and can be cut with a pair of strong scissors. These off cuts are created when we have to trim the wool to fit a particular mattress.

The pieces are of varying lengths and widths and we will be selling them by weight, so each 500gms costs £4. Postage and packing will add £10 to the final price. The biggest piece that we have at the moment would cost in the region of £50 plus p&p.

We also have smaller off cuts of 500 grams per square meter organic wool in 200 gram bags which cost £5.00 each with £3.50 p&p.

If you live within reaching distance of our workshop we have very big bags of mixed weight wool that haven’t been sorted which we sell at £30 a bag.

All of the wool is certified as organic to the Global Organic Textile Standard by the Soil Association.

Please do call us on 01269 598 491 if you are interested.

wool offcuts 1Organic wool off cuts