Abaca export to Bahrain

Abaca export to Bahrain

Abaca may be based in a small country called Wales, but we send our mattresses to customers who live all over the world. Mattresses and beds aren’t the easiest of things to move around and we are passionate about ensuring that the goods arrive with the customer in exactly the same condition that they left us. To do that we have enlisted the help of a great company called Fairfield Cases Ltd. They build boxes that will withstand just about anything, so we can send our mattresses to the United States or Bahrain, or anywhere else in the world, knowing that they will arrive safely.

There are lots of reasons why we have a steady stream of mattresses that head off for distant shores. The most obvious is our organic status, but people also like the fact that our mattresses are hand made from start to finish. In a world where most things are made by machine, a hand made product is luxury personified, a product that has been made exclusively for each and every customer.

The long staple wool that we use is a far cry from the wool mixes that lots of other companies use. It’s common now to mix wool with cotton or even polyester because the cheaper fibre acts as a carrier for the more expensive wool. But our customers can rest assured that they’re sleeping on the best wool that Britain has to offer.

Abaca is happy to export anywhere in the world, so if you’re in the market for a mattress that is organic, hand made and built to your own specifications, do please get in touch!

Abaca Bahrain Export