Your Mattress

Abaca mattresses are handmade to the highest standard and are thoroughly checked before they leave our workshop. The best way of deciding which mattress you want to buy is to think carefully about what sort of bed you are sleeping on now, and what has prompted you to change.

A pocket spring mattress contains lots of small springs which are individually pocketed. Unlike a traditional wire coil spring (called a Bonnell unit) pocket springs are not attached to each other and therefore there is far less movement in the mattress. It feels denser and more supportive. Abaca sell five different types of pocket sprung mattress, each of which have different spring counts and fillings. A firm mattress is best if you and/or your partner are on the heavy side, likewise, choose a standard if you are fairly light.

Latex mattresses are metal free. Our latex is an entirely natural product which comes from the rubber tree and the deep pad within your mattress is soft yet resilient. Your body is cushioned gently by the mattress which allows the pressure points of shoulder, back and hip to ‘give’ while supporting the rest of your body. Sleeping on latex is a completely different experience to sleeping on any kind of sprung mattress. There is absolutely none of the movement that one experiences with springs, all in all it’s a very comfortable experience indeed!