Visit our showroom

If you come and visit us we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you have  enough time and space to choose the right mattress for you. But before you plan your visit here are some useful points to have a think about.

  1. Give yourself lots of time so that you won’t be rushing to arrive or to make a decision about which mattress you prefer
  2. Make a list of any questions that you may have, we’ll be delighted to answer them
  3. Wear loose comfortable clothing and, if possible, shoes that are easily slipped on and off
  4. We work on an appointment system so that you know you’ve got the showroom to yourself, but do bring your partner if you both have very different expectations of what the perfect mattress should feel like.

Showrooms can be intimidating places, especially on the high street. Lying down in front of strangers isn’t very comfortable for some people and the tendency is to make a hurried decision to get the whole thing over with. Sitting on the edge of a mattress isn’t going to give you any idea of what it’s going to feel like when you go to bed at night, and the tendency is to choose a mattress that’s too firm.