Quality organic baby mattress protector

Organic baby mattress protector

If you are looking for an organic baby mattress protector you have come to the right place. Our organic baby mattress protectors are available in different sizes including moses/crib, standard cot and cot bed. You will also be pleased to know that all of our organic baby mattress protectors are waterproof!

3 Organic Baby Mattress Protectors

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Organic Mattress Protector Comfort

Our Organic Baby Mattress Protectors

Our organic baby mattress protector is made of soft and breathable cotton, which makes it perfect for your little one's sensitive skin. The natural hypoallergenic properties of cotton make this product the perfect choice for babies who have allergies. The natural fibre of this protector contributes to keeping the temperature down at night because it allows air to pass through better than synthetic materials like polyester.

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They grow up quickly!

It’s a common term used often but true: little ones grow up fast! In the hustle and bustle of parenting, we don’t always get the opportunity to stop and look around. It’s always a good idea to review the changes in your child’s development and try to adapt their environment to their growth. During this process, you can access your child’s sleeping environment. Every baby and child’s development is different and only you know your child. When accessing the sleep environment, bear in mind other factors which may impact heat regulation, like the mattress. Some people find that a memory foam mattress can retain more heat than traditional-style mattresses. If you already accessed and improved the whole sleeping environment taking into consideration room space, air circulation, room temperature, duvet tog, etc, then your mattress choice might be something to consider.

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More for your child's bedroom at Abaca

At Abaca Organic we also sell Moses baskets and Moses mattresses, these make great gifts from family members looking to help their loved ones with the latest addition to their family. If you are looking for something bigger, we also stock crib and cot mattresses. Our cot mattresses in particular come in all sorts of sizes and they also take into account some of the different brands out there. When you select the drop-down measurements, you will find the different measurements available and be able to see where we have related our measurements to different brands. Bear in mind it is always good practice to measure up and write down your size requirements before you buy.

Organic baby mattress protector FAQs

What sizes are available for your organic baby mattress protector?

Our organic baby mattress protectors are available in moses/crib, standard cot and cot bed.

Do you have a size guide for your organic baby mattress protectors?

Our sizes for organic baby mattress protectors are: moses/crib=50cmx70cm, standard cot=60cmx120cm and cot bed=70cmx140cm.

Do you sell other organic products?

As well as organic baby mattress protectors, we sell pillows, duvets, bed linen, mattresses, beds and headboards. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions with regards to our organic baby mattress protector products, or any other product on our website.