New Pictures

New Pictures

Taking pictures of mattresses is really difficult! After all what you see is a fabric encased oblong, and a picture can’t tell you what it feels like to lie on or sleep on the mattress. So in the past our pictures have largely been taken outside. Some of them have been a tribute to the wonderful welsh countryside that surrounds us, and some have been quirky and raised a smile, especially the one of a whole flock of beds on a mountainside!

The problem with taking pictures outside is the weather, especially in Wales, so when we decided we needed some new pictures for our web site, we turned to a wonderful photographer called Paul Viant. Our remit to him was to take pictures that gave a ‘feel’ of what we are as a business … how difficult is that! Nevertheless, Paul rose to the challenge admirably, and the large pictures that you now see on our home page were taken by him.

So do take a look at our web site and enjoy our new pictures. I hope they will give you a strong sense of who we are and what our values are. As a truly organic business we attract like minded customers from all over the world, and being able to discuss their needs is a real privilege. We’re always pleased to hear from you!

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