National Bed Month 2017

March is National Bed Month and there is always a flurry of articles about the importance of sleep. This year The Telegraph have done a week’s worth of features, while the web is full of good advice about how to make your bedroom the perfect place for getting the best quality rest.

Virtually none of these articles discuss the importance of what your mattress is actually made of, and this seems to me to be of prime importance. Human beings slept on natural materials for all of our human existence until the advent of manmade polyesters and foams in the 20th century. We spend more time in bed than we do in any other place and we are at our most vulnerable while we’re asleep. Our faces are close to the mattress surface and we breathe in anything that’s being released in the way of fumes from the materials that have been used to construct our beds.

Abaca exists to give customers a cleaner, healthier option. An organic option that means that the materials used in our mattresses have been thoroughly scrutinised by an independent certifier before we are able to use them in our mattresses. Organic mattresses don’t introduce anything into your sleeping environment that might be harmful or that affect the quality of your sleep. So next time you see one of the many National Bed Month articles, just pause for a second and think about how important it is that your mattress should contribute to your well being, in other words, think organic!