Is buying a mattress online a good idea?

Is buying a mattress online a good idea?

I'm writing this blog post in July 2020, a year in which we've seen an extraordinary change in the way that people live. The corona virus has affected the whole world and has made a profound difference in the way that we all do our shopping. 

Are you someone who has been waiting to buy a new mattress until this pandemic is well and truly over? Perhaps you've always visited a showroom in the past but are now nervous about doing that. The statistics show that by 2018 more people were buying a mattress on line than through visiting a showroom, and that trend is growing year on year.

So what's the best way to go about finding a mattress that's right for you when all you have to go on is a web page? First of all, do your research, narrow your decision down to a small handful of companies who feel authentic and ethical. If they have a mattress selector on their site, use that to see whether the choices they propose for you feel right. 

If you're concerned about making the wrong choice, don't forget that consumer law says that you have 14 days in which to return a product bought on line. Having said that, mattresses are big and cumbersome and not easy to move around, so a company that genuinely  cares about whether a mattress is right for you will be willing to spend as much time as necessary talking to you so that mistakes can be avoided. Far too many people believe that a hard mattress is what they need! 

When you look at websites take note of whether the company you're looking at is a retailer or a manufacturer. A mattress manufacturer will be able to give you insights into how mattresses respond to different weights and ages and which base your chosen mattress is likely to be best suited to. They will also have a wealth of knowledge that a store assistant won't have, so give them a call. You'll also get a much better mattress for your budget if you're buying direct from the manufacturer, and that's a really good incentive!