How to choose the right organic mattress & why it is so important

How to choose the right organic mattress & why it is so important

Well done! You've already made an important choice because you're looking for an organic mattress. Why is choosing an organic mattress important? There are many reasons, but the main two are as follows. 

First of all a genuinely organic mattress will have certification that means that all the materials that have been used have a traceable provenance. So wool can be tracked back from a mattress all the way to the farm where the sheep were sheared. There are stringent welfare regulations that come with organic certification, so organic sheep are very well looked after indeed!  Likewise with cotton, having organic certification means that none of the harmful pesticides and herbicides that have such a devastating effect on our eco-systems will have been used when the cotton is grown. But the important thing is that the company that makes the organic mattress must also have certification, that's your guarantee that the mattress is genuinely organic and not something that simply contains one organic component. 

Secondly, a truly organic mattress isn't going to introduce anything unpleasant into your bedroom. No man made foams, no harmful chemicals, just pure natural materials that have been made into mattresses for time immemorial. Since the dawn of time people have slept on natural materials, it's only since the advent of the oil age that people have started sleeping on mattresses that contain derivatives of oil, such as polyester. Man made materials don't breathe, they don't allow your body to regulate its own temperature, so you get hot and sweaty. 

So how do you go about choosing the right organic mattress for you? Well first of all make sure that who you're buying from is selling a genuinely organic product. Then have a look at what you're sleeping on already. Do you want to change from pocket sprung or memory foam to perhaps organic latex or a fibre mattress? Do your research, speak to the people involved in making the mattresses. ask as many questions as you can think of. Weight, age and what type of bed you have all make a difference to how a mattress feels, so take advice from the manufacturer about what's most likely to suit you best. 

A new mattress is a great investment, you do after all spend more time in bed than anywhere else at all, so buying organic is a very important investment in your health and well being.