How to get the best night’s sleep when the weather’s hot.

The weather may have cooled down a little for some of us, but the hope is that we’ll get some more sunshine this year. A ‘proper’ summer even! Trying to get to sleep when the temperature is high can be difficult, so what can be done to make sure that you get as good a night’s rest as possible? Here are some tips that might help:

  • Keep windows and curtains firmly closed during the day, it’ll be hotter outside than in!
  • Open your windows as soon as the sun goes down, and if possible, keep them open all night, Circulation of air is really important in hot weather, so leave bedroom doors open as well
  • If possible dress your bed with cotton sheets and a light woollen blanket. Duvets are designed to trap the heat!
  • A fan can be a great help as long as it doesn’t rattle ….
  • A cool shower before bed can work wonders for making you feel more comfortable
  • Wear the absolute minimum to bed, and make sure that what you’re wearing is made of a light cotton
  • Mattresses that are made with man made materials, especially foams and polyesters aren’t breathable or absorbent so you will get very hot and sweaty on them. If you have such a mattress at the moment, plan ahead and order a mattress made with natural materials. Wool is the best breathable fibre to sleep on or under as it will wick away any dampness, meaning you get a better night’s sleep.

We all lose approximately a pint and a half of fluid through our skin every night, far more when the weather is warm. So make sure you stay hydrated.