Abaca Holiday Offers 2016

Abaca Holiday Offers 2016

Before long autumn will be is on its way so it’s time to start thinking about getting some nice snuggly bedding that will see you through the winter months. Treat yourself to our wonderful organic pillows and duvets that will help you get the best night’s sleep.

The duvets are quilted and hand finished to keep the organic wool secure while the pillows can be unzipped and the outer cover washed.

Research shows that wool bedding produces the right environment for a deeper and longer sleep by keeping the sleeper warm in winter and cool in summer. This is particularly helpful for those who have trouble regulating their own temperature and get too hot in bed..

As a special offer in September we are offering a 10% discount on our organic pillows and duvets*. Please enter the code ‘Pillow82016’ when you check out on the web site, or simply quote it if you would prefer to phone us to order.

Abaca Organic PillowOrganic wool duvet

We are sure that the benefits of sleeping on and under wool will be self evident, so why not ensure a perfect night’s sleep by getting one of our lovely organic mattresses. The Snowdon mattress is pocket sprung and contains nothing but masses and masses of organic wool. It’s finished with an organic cotton cover and is hand tufted. Available in soft, medium or firm. We are also offering a 15% discount on one of these mattresses.** Please enter the code   “Snow82016′  at checkout or simply quote if you would prefer to phone us to order.


Abaca Organic Snowdon

*Offer valid until 30/09/2016

**Offer valid until 30/09/2016