How to choose the mattress that’s right for you when buying on-line

Lots of us leave it far too long before deciding to change our mattress, so if you’ve made that decision well done! ere are a few tips on what to look for if you’re buying online.

First, check that the base you’re using is good enough to put a new mattress onto. If it’s a wooden bed the slats ought to be no more than 5 to 6 cms apart, 7cms is too many! If your new mattress is properly supported it will last much longer, so if you need to add a couple more slats to the bed now is the time to do it*.

Divan bases are either flat top or sprung. A flat top is basically an upside down box that’s been upholstered, if there’s anything amiss with the base it will be obvious. Sprung top divans have a layer of springs so check to make sure that the base is still flat by running your hand across the base top to bottom and side to side in several places. If there are any dips or lumps, then replace the base before getting a new mattress. Remember that your new mattress can only follow the contours of whatever it’s sitting on, and an uneven base will quickly distort it.

If your base is fine, next consider which type of mattress you want to go for, sprung or metal free. Some people have concerns about how metal springs in their mattress may affect their health because of geopathic stress, so a latex or natural fibre mattress would be first choice. Others much prefer the traditional feel of a sprung mattress, and the very best of those are pocket sprung.

Age and weight have a part to play in deciding which type of mattress is best for you, so give us a ring and we can help you narrow your choice down to a couple of different models. Our experience is that far less mistakes are made by having a detailed conversation with one of our excellent sales staff than when customers visit a showroom. Showrooms can be busy places with bright lights and lots of people milling around. You’ll also have all your clothes on and the most common mistake in a showroom is choosing a mattress that’s too hard. Speaking with one of us will give you far more information than sitting on a bed for a few minutes ever could, and remember, there is a perfect night’s sleep just a click away!