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A medium firmness fibre mattress.

The Newgale is firmer than the Nolton because of the horsehair.

Suitable for all but the very heaviest (up to 16 stone / 105 kilos).

Metal free.

Cool in Summer, warm in Winter.

100% organic.

Handmade in Wales using the Italian-style method.

Questions or queries? Book a mattress consultation with us. Book a mattress consultation with us.
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We contact every customer after they have ordered as part of our personalised and tailored service, to discuss the mattress and arrange a convenient delivery.

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The Newgale: A loose fibre mattress made exclusively with organic wool with an organic cotton cover.

Our Newgale mattress is really special! The Italians have been making wool mattresses in this way for generations and we’re proud to be able to make such an unique product in our Welsh workshop. These mattresses are made with the best quality long staple wool that is hand layered on to an organic cotton cover. No spring, no latex, just masses of lovely Welsh wool that has been washed numerous times to ensure its complete cleanliness.

The cover of the mattress is hand stitched together, then the mattress is side stitched and tufted which gives the deep buttoned effect that’s characteristic of these mattresses.


All made with organic materials


Luxuriously handcrafted to last years


And those who suffer from chemical sensitivity


Cool in Summer, warm in Winter

1. Mattress size guide

Order size



Small Single

76 x 190 Cms

2'6" x 6'3"

UK Single

90 x 190 Cms

3' x 6'3"

Large Single

107 x 190 Cms

3'6" x 6'3"

Small Double

122 x 190 Cms

4' x 6'3"

Standard Double

137 x 190 Cms

4'6" x 6'3"

UK King

152 x 198 Cms

5' x 6'6"

Euro King

160 x 198 Cms

5'3" x 6'6"

Small Super King

168 x 198 Cms

5'6" x 6'"

Super King

183 x 198 Cms

6' x 6'6"

2. Delivery of your mattress

Delivery to an address on the UK mainland is free of charge except for the post codes below. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these wonderful areas please contact us for a quote. Beds and mattresses are delivered by a two man team to your room of choice, and disposal of packaging is also free of charge

Postcodes where a delivery charge is required

Scottish Highlands: AB, DD, IV, KW, PA, PH 

Scottish Islands: IV40+, KW16+, PA20+, PH41-44, HS, ZE

English Islands: IM (Isle of Man), PO30-40 (Isle of Wight)

Northern Ireland  

We are happy to deliver anywhere in the world, please contact us for a quote. All our deliveries overseas are door to door.

How long will it take before my order is ready?

We only work to order and our usual lead times are 4-6 weeks for a mattress, 6-8 weeks for a bed and mattress.

What happens if I need to return my mattress?

We will do all we can to ensure that the mattress you receive is the one that you’ll be most comfortable on. If it turns out that this isn’t the case and you need something that is firmer or softer we will exchange, free of charge, if you let us know within the first fourteen days that you have an issue with the mattress.

3. Turning a fibre mattress

Fibre mattresses need to be turned very regularly when they’re new, every week is best until the fibre has all settled evenly. Once that’s happened this is a mattress that will last a lifetime because we can refurbish at any time. Suitable for all but the very heaviest.

4. Your mattress guarantee

In line with our green credentials, we make mattresses from sustainable materials. These materials are all organic and natural, and we expect our mattresses to last a long time. Our guarantee covers you against faulty workmanship or materials and we hope that you will look after the mattress by turning it regularly, hoovering it occasionally and stripping the bed every now and again to let the mattress breathe.

No guarantee can cover the way that a mattress is used, so please be careful if you need to move your mattress from one room to another and when you’re turning it. A pocket sprung mattress must not be folded or allowed to flop under its own weight. 

The Newgale mattress has a statutory 1 year guarantee.

5. Re-cover, re-furbish, re-cycle

Far too many mattresses end up in landfill, approximately 100,000 a week just in the UK! Our mission is to do everything we can to make sure that none of our mattresses have to be thrown away.  So what can we do?

1. We can re-cover. All our mattresses can be re-covered if you had an unfortunate spill on the cover. We can also replace the top layers of wool if necessary.
2. We can re-furbish. Both of our fibre mattresses can be completely re-made. The fibre is re-opened, fresh added if necessary, and the cover replaced.
3. We can re-cycle. When you buy a new Abaca mattress, we take your old Abaca mattress away to be broken down and re-cycled.

All Abaca mattresses are built to last, but there comes a time when even the best mattress struggles to give you the support you need. If you need a new Abaca mattress, we will give you a 10% discount as a loyal customer.

Each of the options above will be individually priced depending on the size of the mattress and where you are in the UK, please contact us for details.

Newgale inspiration

Newgale: A huge beach when the tide is out, Newgale is a favourite with dog walkers, anglers and surfers. The preserved stumps of a drowned forest can sometimes be seen during a really low tide. Heading through Pembrokeshire towards St David’s, the first glimpse of the sea comes at Newgale beach. Facing west it is open to winds from the Atlantic. It’s a very special place.

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Barb L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Sleep like a log

From the minute I lay down on the lovely hand made wool mattress/ no metal I have slept without tossing and turning, right through to morning. Feel just taking the plunge to spend the money has taken years off me.


Abaca Organic

Thanks so much!

Verene L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Just as I hoped

I had slept on wool mattresses as a child and was unsure if my memory of a great sleep was rose tinted. After much hesitation, I nervously ordered one, hoping this was not an elaborate scam and that I would finally get a decent mattress (I profoundly dislike memory foam). Getting it took a while. A very very long while. It does not have stripped fabric, it is white like the other mattress. It needs regular turning (once a week ideally), which is doable as you can fold and pull with the help of the handles (I have a double mattress). It comes with a thick under pad, which is stuffed with wool too, so thick it could count as a mattress in some places. So almost 3 months in, I can state that I am very pleased and think it is worth the expense. If like me you do not have a fixed sleeping position, it is ideal, comfortable either on the side, back or front. I find the dimples (which if you are used to foam you might find frightening) just right and you get no ‘drag’ when moving/tossing. The cats are over the moon with it too.


Newgale is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on.

My Newgale has just been delivered and I couldn't be more delighted with it. It feels exactly as I hoped it would and as I imagined from the picture. The most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. The only downside is that it makes it very difficult to get up in the morning! I wanted an organically made mattress without metal and, after much searching, I couldn't have asked for a better one. With Abaca's "refresh" service, I will never have to buy another mattress and couldn't be happier with my investment. Customer service from Rhiannon was excellent. She was so warm and helpful and made sure everything worked out regarding delivery tying in with the separate arrival of a new bed base. I thoroughly recommend Abaca in every respect.

N B.

Pleased to have found Abaca

I am so pleased to have found Abaca Organic. They are a great company with world class service. The bed and mattress are extraordinarily comfortable and I know that it is good for my health. It is in fact, heavenly. Not only is this the best bed I have ever slept in, but the service, care and attention to detail by Abaca Organic, particularly Rhiannon and Ceri is first class. I would not hesitate to recommend Abaca Organic. It has been one of my most valued and important investments. I am absolutely delighted.


Directly from heaven

The mattresses and pillows arrived yesterday, and they might have just come directly from heaven; they are glorious! And I love the warm and honest smell of the wool. Makes me feel very grateful to the sheep from it came, and I so hope they are reciprocated with as much goodness as they have given us. Thank you for making such wonderful products.

Four great reasons to buy organic

Why you should consider going organic when you sleep:

  • Organic mattresses are chemical free

    Organic mattresses are chemical free

    Conventional mattresses use a wide variety of chemicals during the manufacturing process and adhesives are often used to glue the layers of a mattress together. Not what you want to be sharing a bed with! Organic materials are produced without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, and all the materials we use in our mattresses are either recyclable or biodegradable.

  • Organic mattresses are a healthy option

    Organic mattresses are a healthy option

    In many cases, allergies and problems with the respiratory tract are aggravated by elements found in conventionally made mattresses, especially memory foam. We are at our most vulnerable in bed and don’t spend as long anywhere else from day to day. Investing in a mattress that doesn’t introduce any of these foreign elements into our sleeping environment is a healthy option! People who buy an Abaca mattress often call us to say that symptoms like runny noses, sneezing, coughing, and skin irritations are either significantly reduced or eliminated within just a few weeks of sleeping on the mattress.

  • Organic mattresses help regulate your temperature

    Organic mattresses help regulate your temperature

    Man made materials make for very poor temperature regulation. Memory foam, for example, often becomes very hot at night, whereas  the organic  cotton and wool  in every Abaca mattress wick moisture away from the body and help your body achieve restful sleep.

  • Organic mattresses are sustainable

    Organic mattresses are sustainable

    As an organic company we are very conscious of our carbon footprint. Every year 7.5 million mattresses go into landfill in the UK alone, so producing mattresses using materials that can be recycled is really important.

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