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All our luxury handmade mattresses are beautifully engineered by our skilled craftsmen. The mattresses are handmade in Wales from only the best natural & organic materials and every stitch is meticulously hand-sewn and hand-tufted to create the luxury handmade mattresses of your dreams.  We have designed 3 types of luxury mattresses to cater for every taste, from our organic pocket sprung, to natural latex and finally, a high-end luxury fibre mattress, that's made using class-leading, organic wool and horsehair.  So if you want the ultimate in handmade mattress luxury, look no further than the luxury handmade mattresses by Abaca Organic.

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Delivering high-end luxury handmade mattresses in the uk

We are pasionate about using only the best quality materials & techniques to make your luxury handmade mattress.


Why buy a luxury handmade mattress from abaca?

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Luxurious handmade mattresses

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Luxury handmade mattresses FAQ

We understand that choosing a company to create the ultimate luxury mattress for you can be overwhelming. Hopefully our questions and answer section can help put your mind to rest.

Yes! Over the years Abaca has handmade luxury mattresses for horseboxes, yurts, camper vans, narrow boats and yachts. Every time we make a bespoke mattress for one of our customers it’s made to the high standards that they expect. So whatever the size, wherever the mattress needs to go, be assured that we will work with you so you get exactly what you want.

Yes, Delivering your luxury handmade mattress anywhere in the world is no problem. Whether you live in London or on an island off the coast of Scotland, there is an appropriate way to deliver your new mattress. If you live further afield rest assured the international carriers we work with will deliver anywhere in the world. We’ve sent mattresses to lots of destinations, including France, Switzerland, Tahiti, Dubai and Hong Kong, so do please ask us for a quote.

Buying online is just as good as visiting a showroom due to the nature of the mattresses you are looking at. Furthermore all out luxury handmade mattresses are bespoke, so they are not widly available to just anybody. Every matress we sell is handmade, so you know you are getting one of a kind.

We only work to order, that ensures that every luxury handmade mattress is made specifically for you. Baby mattresses are usually sent out within ten days, for a full size mattress we quote four to six weeks.