Nolton - Abaca Mattresses
Nolton - Abaca Mattresses
Nolton - Abaca Mattresses
Nolton - Abaca Mattresses
Nolton - Abaca Mattresses
Nolton - Abaca Mattresses
Nolton - Abaca Mattresses
Nolton - Abaca Mattresses
Nolton - Abaca Mattresses
Nolton - Abaca Mattresses

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If you need a little help choosing the right organic mattress, call us on 01269 598491 or email

Think you need to buy a mattress in-store?

There is a preconception that you have to buy a mattress in-store. Click here to read about why this is not always the best way.


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This luxurious mattress is made by building up layers of organic wool and horsehair inside a cotton cover using a traditional Italian technique. Only the best quality natural fibre is chosen, and after thorough washing and hand carding the materials are carefully layered to ensure the mattress is evenly filled. Hand stitching gives this natural mattress is characteristic shape and structure, and hand tufting ensures that fillings stay in place. This organic mattress can be made to any size and each mattress takes around a week to make.  

Horsehair has amazing qualities of elasticity, softness and tensile strength while the organic wool has an unsurpassed ability to absorb moisture. Combined in this high-quality mattress they will ensure you have a really great night’s sleep. Natural materials are proven to be by far the best to sleep on and under. This luxurious mattress is metal free.

  • Unique design
  • Perfect mix of horsehair and wool
  • Metal free
  • Entirely hand-made
  • Made in Wales
  • Renewable, bio-degradable

The Nolton is a medium firmness fibre mattress. The Nolton is springier than the Newgale because of the horsehair.

To read an article about wool mattresses click here

Watch our video on how a Nolton is made

* Pictures show a UK single dressed for a children’s room, and 2 singles on a king size bed for those whose partners toss and turn. Typically double & larger mattresses will come as one whole mattress.

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  • Every Abaca mattress has organic certification
  • Hand made to order in our Welsh workshop
  • Perfect for those who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivity
  • Free delivery across UK Mainland
  • Abaca mattress guarantee up to 20 years

need a little help

If you need a little help choosing the right organic mattress, call us on 01269 598491 or email

Think you need to buy a mattress in-store?

There is a preconception that you have to buy a mattress in-store. Click here to read about why this is not always the best way.

No two people sleep in exactly the same way. Some of us sleep on our backs, others on their sides, and some on their tummies. There is lots of research that claims that sleeping on your side is best, because it takes the strain off the back and hips, and women tend to favour this position. It’s really important for side sleepers not to choose a mattress that’s too firm, as there needs to be plenty of give to support the curve of shoulder and hip.

Approximately ten to fifteen percent of the population sleep in their backs, and it can be problematic because it encourages snoring and sleep apnoea. However if that is your favoured position then a firmer mattress will help support your lower back.

If you sleep on your stomach you need to make sure that your mattress is always in tip top condition. If the mattress is too soft then your spine is thrown out of alignment and there isn’t enough support for your neck which can cause back pain.

Clearly the most important thing that affects quality of sleep is comfort, so ensuring that your mattress supports you properly is crucial. Weight plays a part when you’re making the decision about which type of mattress to buy, and the chart below is a guideline that will help you make a decision.  At the heavier end of the scale it’s important to realise that a Firm mattress may need a topper so that there is both support and cushioning.



Sleep Position


Very Soft

Rare and hard to find in any quality mattress

Side Sleepers

Less than 8 stone/50 kilos


Soft enough for hip and shoulder to be supported

Side Sleepers

Up to 12 stone/76 kilos


What most people are comfortable on

Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers

Up to 16 stone/105 kilos.


Very little sink or give

Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers

Up to 20 stone/130 kilos

Extra Firm

Like sleeping on the floor!

Stomach Sleepers

Above 20 stone/130 kilos

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Netherlands Netherlands

Completely Thrilled

I’ve had our new mattress for a few weeks now I just wanted to drop you a line and give you some feedback. It was a huge decision to justify investing so much money into a mattress and I nearly didn’t go ahead with ordering just in case it i was left disappointed and still felt as uncomfortable & sore in the mornings, but…. I am completely thrilled with my big white aero (as my brother had nicknamed it) and wow, wow, wow….I get far more excited than I should when telling friends and other people just don’t understand my joy but after just a few nights, my back feels amazingly different and for the first time in years, I’m not going to bed struggling to get comfortable before the night has even started! I am so thankful that I came across your company, your customer service has been nothing but friendly & helpful since my first phone call to you and having the opportunity to come and hang out with the mattresses without feeling pressured, timed and overly councious of other people being around was invaluable and certainly helped give me the confidence to go ahead with the purchase. I am diligently and religiously rotating and turning and my husband thinks it’s getting much more attention than him!! I do have one comment about the mattress which may or may not be of interest, but for me, it would be really useful it there were handles on all four sides of the mattress rather than just to 2 longer sides, which is obviously not common practice at all but as they are hand made it might be nice to offer this option and make the mattress even more special and personalised :) I’ve always thought additional handles would be beneficial in enabling me to manhandle regular mattress's easier over the hears but with the need to turn and flip this model so frequently, being able to have the option to hold either side of the corner and offer flexibility of where you are positioned rather than be limited to the one side or the other would be really useful but maybe it’s just my thoughts.

Keith C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing mattress

I went for the Nolton mattress and the results have been fantastic: I am now enjoying much better quality sleep than before, and whilst these mattresses aren't cheap, they do represent value for money in my mind, considering how much time one uses the mattress over the long term. I also am very pleased to support a small UK company, making a change for the better in a somewhat noisy commercial environment. All my best to Rhiannon for her support and help during the process from ordering to delivery.


Abaca Organic

Thank you so much, we really appreciate your support.

Avril T.

Huge Thank You!

Just to say a huge thank you to Rhiannon and her dedicated staff for the amazing all organic pure wool, no springs, mattress, the pillows and the beautiful French bed linen.  I love the mattress, first night I slept on it, I had best night’s sleep ever and the pillows are wonderful, just the correct amount of support and extremely comfortable.  Whilst not cheap, all these products are “worth every penny”, as they say.  I highly recommend this company and the above mentioned products.


Big thank you

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for helping me get my new mattresses. Neil has been so helpful over the last few weeks – he’s been very flexible over my delivery date and made managing this element of my house move much easier. He’s also been great at accommodating my extra requests for products such as including mattress protectors in my order with less than 48 hours to delivery. We had the pleasure of meeting Neil and Rebecca yesterday. They were both great at helping us understand how to care for our new mattresses as well as being very friendly. Overall the service I’ve received has been superb. It’s been really lovely dealing with responsive, informed, flexible folk who have made my life much easier.


very pleased

Just wanted to let you know that I have received my order and I am very pleased so far. We haven’t used the protector yet, but the quality of that and the mattress looks wonderful.

Four great reasons to buy organic

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Organic Mattresses Are Chemical Free

Organic Mattresses are a healthy option

Organic Mattresses help regulate your temperature

Organic Mattresses Are Sustainable