Newgale - Abaca Mattresses
Newgale - Abaca Mattresses
Newgale - Abaca Mattresses
Newgale - Abaca Mattresses
Newgale - Abaca Mattresses
Newgale - Abaca Mattresses

need a little help

If you need a little help choosing the right organic mattress, call us on 01269 598491 or email

Think you need to buy a mattress in-store?

There is a preconception that you have to buy a mattress in-store. Click here to read about why this is not always the best way.


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Made exclusively with the best quality long staple organic wool, the Newgale mattress is an heirloom luxury organic mattress that will give you a great night’s sleep for many years to come. The Italians have been making similar wool mattresses for generations and we are proud to be the only company in the United Kingdom that makes mattresses in this way. Washed and carded organic wool is built up layer upon layer within an organic cotton cover. The cover is then hand stitched and tufted to give the lovely deep buttoning effect which is characteristic of these organic mattresses. We are happy to make this organic metal free mattress in any size.  

One quality of an organic wool mattress is that it remains cool in the summer and warm in winter. They are widely made and used in Italy where the sun shines a little more than it does here in the UK! The skill required to make wool mattresses has been handed down through generations, and we are very proud of the team who produce them here at Abaca.

  • Metal Free
  • Made with the best long staple organic wool
  • Entirely handmade
  • Certified as organic
  • Italian style

The Newgale is a medium firmness fibre mattress. The Nolton is springier than the Newgale because of the horsehair.

* Pictures show a UK single. Typical double & larger mattresses will come as one whole mattress.

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  • Every Abaca mattress has organic certification
  • Hand made to order in our Welsh workshop
  • Perfect for those who suffer from allergies or chemical sensitivity
  • Free delivery across UK Mainland
  • Abaca mattress guarantee up to 20 years

need a little help

If you need a little help choosing the right organic mattress, call us on 01269 598491 or email

Think you need to buy a mattress in-store?

There is a preconception that you have to buy a mattress in-store. Click here to read about why this is not always the best way.

No two people sleep in exactly the same way. Some of us sleep on our backs, others on their sides, and some on their tummies. There is lots of research that claims that sleeping on your side is best, because it takes the strain off the back and hips, and women tend to favour this position. It’s really important for side sleepers not to choose a mattress that’s too firm, as there needs to be plenty of give to support the curve of shoulder and hip.

Approximately ten to fifteen percent of the population sleep in their backs, and it can be problematic because it encourages snoring and sleep apnoea. However if that is your favoured position then a firmer mattress will help support your lower back.

If you sleep on your stomach you need to make sure that your mattress is always in tip top condition. If the mattress is too soft then your spine is thrown out of alignment and there isn’t enough support for your neck which can cause back pain.

Clearly the most important thing that affects quality of sleep is comfort, so ensuring that your mattress supports you properly is crucial. Weight plays a part when you’re making the decision about which type of mattress to buy, and the chart below is a guideline that will help you make a decision.  At the heavier end of the scale it’s important to realise that a Firm mattress may need a topper so that there is both support and cushioning.



Sleep Position


Very Soft

Rare and hard to find in any quality mattress

Side Sleepers

Less than 8 stone/50 kilos


Soft enough for hip and shoulder to be supported

Side Sleepers

Up to 12 stone/76 kilos


What most people are comfortable on

Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers

Up to 16 stone/105 kilos.


Very little sink or give

Side, Back and Stomach Sleepers

Up to 20 stone/130 kilos

Extra Firm

Like sleeping on the floor!

Stomach Sleepers

Above 20 stone/130 kilos

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Barb L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Sleep like a log

From the minute I lay down on the lovely hand made wool mattress/ no metal I have slept without tossing and turning, right through to morning. Feel just taking the plunge to spend the money has taken years off me.


Abaca Organic

Thanks so much!

Verene L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Just as I hoped

I had slept on wool mattresses as a child and was unsure if my memory of a great sleep was rose tinted. After much hesitation, I nervously ordered one, hoping this was not an elaborate scam and that I would finally get a decent mattress (I profoundly dislike memory foam). Getting it took a while. A very very long while. It does not have stripped fabric, it is white like the other mattress. It needs regular turning (once a week ideally), which is doable as you can fold and pull with the help of the handles (I have a double mattress). It comes with a thick under pad, which is stuffed with wool too, so thick it could count as a mattress in some places. So almost 3 months in, I can state that I am very pleased and think it is worth the expense. If like me you do not have a fixed sleeping position, it is ideal, comfortable either on the side, back or front. I find the dimples (which if you are used to foam you might find frightening) just right and you get no ‘drag’ when moving/tossing. The cats are over the moon with it too.


Newgale is the most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on.

My Newgale has just been delivered and I couldn't be more delighted with it. It feels exactly as I hoped it would and as I imagined from the picture. The most comfortable mattress I've ever slept on. The only downside is that it makes it very difficult to get up in the morning! I wanted an organically made mattress without metal and, after much searching, I couldn't have asked for a better one. With Abaca's "refresh" service, I will never have to buy another mattress and couldn't be happier with my investment. Customer service from Rhiannon was excellent. She was so warm and helpful and made sure everything worked out regarding delivery tying in with the separate arrival of a new bed base. I thoroughly recommend Abaca in every respect.

N B.

Pleased to have found Abaca

I am so pleased to have found Abaca Organic. They are a great company with world class service. The bed and mattress are extraordinarily comfortable and I know that it is good for my health. It is in fact, heavenly. Not only is this the best bed I have ever slept in, but the service, care and attention to detail by Abaca Organic, particularly Rhiannon and Ceri is first class. I would not hesitate to recommend Abaca Organic. It has been one of my most valued and important investments. I am absolutely delighted.


Directly from heaven

The mattresses and pillows arrived yesterday, and they might have just come directly from heaven; they are glorious! And I love the warm and honest smell of the wool. Makes me feel very grateful to the sheep from it came, and I so hope they are reciprocated with as much goodness as they have given us. Thank you for making such wonderful products.

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